Fabulousyarn Printed & mailed personalized Gift Certificate

Indulge your favorite knitter with a beautifully wrapped custom card personalized with your own message and knitter's name! May be used online or in-store. If you're not sure if they're web-savvy or if you just want to give them something to hold, this Printed Gift Certificate is the answer: delivered via US Mail or UPS and includes instructions on its use.

A gift certificate from fabulousyarn lets your favorite knitter do what they like best—shop for and find great yarn... a great knitting gift for any level of knitter. Add a pattern or two from our patterns page, to really get them going... or a great pair of Knitting Needles... PERFECT!

Simply choose how much you want to spend, type in your gift message—we customize a card with your message, gift wrap it and mail it to your knitter. Yes! You can add this gift certificate to another gift purchase (like a fab gift basket!) and we'll wrap it all up and send to your knitter.

  • Can be shipped to you or your recipient
  • USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping for under $5
  • May be used online and in-store
  • Includes gift wrap
  • Remember to include your name so they know who it's from!
25.00 | 50.00 | 75.00 | 100.00
150.00 | 200.00 | 250.00 | 500.00 | 1000.00

Enter your custom message here:


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