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The largest selection of Artyarns handpainted yarns, anywhere, online at your fingertips - or come visit us in NY, and discover the ravishing world of artyarns beaded silk yarns, silk mohair and cashmere, and of course, their glitter yarns, with beads and sequins, too. Artyarns is the ultimate in luxury knitting - and we've been in love with them since we started. Our volume & Elist discounts apply to all Artyarns purchases, except sale items where noted.

Fabulousyarn Silk Essence Yarn by Artyarns
Artyarns DUETS Cowl Kit

Artyarns Silk, Beaded Silk Light & Beaded Silk & Sequins Light, Silk Pearl and Beaded Pearl & Beaded Pearl with Sequins
Silk Lace Regal Silk Patterns & Knitkits
  Artyarns Shawl and Blanket Kits
  From Artyarns Regal Silk Yarn to totally Luxurious Silk Mohair Yarn and of course, their incredible handpainted Cashmere yarn, in both lace and worsted weight, it's almost impossible to describe the beauty of Artyarns. For us, Artyarns is the ultimate in luxury handpainted yarns; and while these yarns do not come cheap, the exquisite craftsmanship, high-quality fiber, and unusual colors completely justify spending a little extra for a luxury yarn of this class. The way they knit up so delightfully, with the colors blending gracefully, and the finished product really is a treasure. Working with them will spoil you forever - so be forewarned! This yarn is very addictive. We have no qualms about converting everyone to the Artyarns Fanclub. In addition, there is terrific pattern support, a very active FACEBOOK community and great groups at Ravelry AND Yahoo for Artyarns lovers and lovers of modular knitting, which is an Artyarns specialty!)

One + One Cowls, Capelets and wraps

Artyarns beaded silk light Artyarns beaded silk and sequins light Artyarns Silk Pearl Artyarns Beaded Silk Pearl Beaded Silk pearl with Sequins Silk Essence Lace artyarns regal silk  
Beaded Silk Light
$40 or less
(reg $48)
Beaded Silk & Sequins Light
$46.40 or less discounts
(reg $56)
Silk Pearl Yarn
$38.40 or less
(reg $48)
Beaded Silk Pearl
$42-$52 after discounts
(reg $58)
Beaded Pearl with Sequins
$46-$60 or less after discounts
(reg $66)
Silk Essence Silk Lace
$38.40 or less after discounts
(reg $48)
Regal Silk Yarn
$19-22.40 or less after discounts
(reg $28)
Artyarns Knitting Patterns & Kits  
Artyarns Ensemble Light & Ensemble 4 Py Artyarns Mohair Yarns  
Ensemble Light Ensemble Light Artyarns Silk Mohair Artyarns Silk Mohair Glitter Artyarns Beaded Silk Mohair artyarns beaded mohair with sequins  
Ensemble Light Cashmere & Silk DK Weight
$49.60 or less
(reg $62)

Ensemble (DK) GLITTER Light
Silk/ Cashmere with Glitter
$51.20 or less
(reg $64)
Ensemble 4 (Worsted Silk Cashmere)
$49.60 or less
(reg $62)
Artyarns Silk Halo
$16-$21 after discounts
(reg $23)
Silk Mohair Yarn
$16 after discounts
(reg $20)
Silk Mohair with Glitter
$16-$20 after discounts

(reg $22)
Beaded Silk Mohair
$41.60 or less after discounts
(reg $52)
Beaded Mohair & Sequins
$46.40 or less after discounts
(reg $58)

Artyarns Cashmere Knitting Yarns
  TSC Artyarns NEW!  
artyarns cashmere yarn artyarns cashmere yarn artyarns cashmere glitter Cashmere Sock Yarn    
5 Ply Worsted Cashmere
$43.20 or less after discounts
(reg $54)
1 Ply Cashmere Lace Yarn
$43.20 or lessafter discounts
(reg $54)
Cashmere Glitter
$44.80 or less after discounts
(reg $56)
Cashmere Sock Yarn
$30 - $38 after discounts
(reg $42)
TSC Tranquility
$34-$43 after discounts
(reg $48)

TSC Bedazzled
$34-$27 after discounts
(reg $38)

TSC Empress
$34-$27 after discounts
(reg $38)

Artyarns Rhapsody Light (DK) And Rhapsody (Worsted) Silk & Mohair Knitting Yarns  
Artyarns Rhapsody Glitter Light Silk Rhapsody Yarn rhapsody glitter Rhapsody beaded Artyarns Silk Rhapsody with Beads & Sequins Artyarns Supermerino artyarns knitting patterns  
Rhapsody Light
Silk & Mohair (DK)
$41.60 or lessafter discounts
(reg $52)
Rhapsody GLITTER Light
$43.20 or lessafter discounts
(reg $54)
Silk Rhapsody Mohair (Wstd)
$44.80 or less after discounts
(reg $56)
Silk Rhapsody Glitter (Wstd)
$49 or lessafter discounts
(reg $60)
Beaded Silk Rhapsody (Wstd)
$45-58 after discounts
(reg $64)
Beaded Silk Rhapsody with Sequins (Wstd)
$55-$71 after discounts
(reg $78)
Supermerino (Wstd)
$16-$20 after discounts
(reg $22)
Artyarns Knitting Patterns  
Artyarns Winter Rhapsody Shawl Kit Triangulation Shawl Kit Sun and Sand Knitkit Pattern  
Summer Swirls Artyarns Shawl Pattern Watercolor Shawl Pattern    

About Artyarns

A frustration many serious knitters share is the lack of availability of beautiful, hand-dyed yarn - especially on the web. It's all very well buying hand-dyed yarn at knitting festivals, workshops and events but what most knitters want is to be able to buy quality, hand-dyed yarns from a local yarn store. Artyarns is the answer for many knitters as it is a producer of quality, hand-dyed yarns that are available in over 200 wool and knitting stores.

Artyarns Yarn Information

Artyarns Yarn was founded in 2002 in White Plains, New York. The company has already established a reputation for producing innovative knitting patterns and gorgeous hand-dyed yarns. ArtYarns offers yarns from silk to cashmere, embellished and plain, with an emphasis on wool and silk fibers. All yarns are offered in multiple colorways that range from nearly solid to wildly contrasting.

No smaller yarn company offers the same breadth of yarns and colors, and still so unique a product, and still get the the right balance of materials, colors, pricing, design support, and distribution. The dedication to high quality fiber, not just unique handmade yarns, sets the company apart. The company also supports their unique, handcrafted yarns with a stunning variety of stylish knitting patterns, many of them free, to complement the beautiful yarns available from Artyarns. They also provide knitting support and advice via their blog, their presence on ravelry.com, and via IrisKnits.com, the founders own blog.

- Judy Schmitz




Every Which Way Shawl

  Boleyn Shawl
  The BOLEYN SHAWL by Deborah Glaser for Artyarns SIlk Rhapsody Glitter Light
  Artyarns All Seasons Shawl
  Artyarns Newest - the All Seasons Shawl - see all the lovely colors ways in their newest kit, featuring their new LIGHT yarns!
Iris Schreiers new book, one + one
golden shawl e207 knitting pattern
Beautiful new
Golden Lace Shawl
kit featuring artyarns silk pearl and beaded silk pearl with sequins - available in kit form, too!

New - Artyarns Top-Down Lace Cardigan For Silk Pearl

  Vogue Knitting Holliday Jacket in SPLASH Silk Mohair with Beads and Sequins
  Fantastic new Artyarns SPLASH Jacket

ensemble yarn
Looking for a fabulous project - join the knitalong with the ARTYARNS Multidirectional Shawl Group on Yahoo!It uses 2 skeins of Artyarns Silk Mohair (regular or with glitter)

Artyarns Ultra Bulky Merino Wool Yarn
Artyarns NEW UltraBulky Merino Wool Yarn






Silk Mohair Shawl or Blanket Kit!
Artyarns Silk Mohair Shawl Kit
A great gift - to give or to get in 5 Colorways!