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Beautiful stitch markers by KNITIFACTS help keep track of your stitches with
semi-precious stones, swarovski crystal and sterling silver


Stitch markers are one of those essential tools that you don't know you need, until you use them - and they make your work infinitely more simple. Keeping track of rows, places in patterns, or just to hold a point of reference, these are elegant and helpful accessories.

  Lantern Moon Knitting Needles   Knitifacts rings and ringlets stitch markers      

Knitifacts Stitch Markers


Knitifacts Ringlet Stitch Markers
(up to size 8 needles)

  Knitifacts Sayings -
Express yourself. Limited Edition Sterling Markers
  Knitifacts bumper stitch markers     Knitifacts rings and ringlets stitch markers    

Knitifacts Bumpers


Knitifacts Sterling and 14k Gold Ring Markers

  Knitifacts Ringers
(Up to size 10.5 needles)