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Knitifacts Rainbow Fluorite Stitchmarkers

Knitifacts Rainbow Fluorite   Stitchmarkers

Rainbow Fluorite in all its' colors, with sterling silver beads and rings.

Rainbow fluorite comes in many colors including the following, Green, Purple, Blue, Clear, Gold and Red. for this reason it has an incredibly wide range of uses and applications.
Rainbow Fluorite is particularly effective in massage in sphere, egg or wand form.
It is very good for the cellular and nervous systems It is a very creative inspirational crystal to use. Just to gaze at it gives a fantastic feeling.
Rainbow Fluorite is a powerful creative meditation tool, enabling one to manifest good things into your life very quickly.
It is great to use for learning new and complex concepts. Thus they are ideal for students of all types.
The colors pertain to the following guidelines.
Green is clearing cleansing for the aura and healing on the physical level.
Gold is creative, Joyous and manifestive.
Red is empowering raw energy to light your creative fire.
Purple is the regenerator especially on a cellular level. It is also inspires and activates the 3rd Eye.
Clear is balancing.
Blue is calming and soothing for the emotions and on the cellular level, treat inflammations with blue.
If course when you get the combinations of color found in rainbow Fluorite, you also get properties unique to that particular Rainbow Fluorite linked to the percentages of color within..





Rainbow Fluorite
(set of 6)

(fits up to size 9 US Needles)

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Large Stitchmarkers fit up to size 17 Needles ($20)    
  KNitifact Stitch Markers   KNitifact Stitch Markers   KNitifact Stitch Markers   KNitifact Stitch Markers    
  Large - Peacock

  large -
  large - Black & White   Large - Spots    
Regular Size - fits up to size 9 Needles ($24) Set of 6 unless noted
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Foil (set of 4)
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  Deco Czech
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(set of 4)
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  Mother of Pearl - Onyx   Kalamba Jasper   Rainbow
  Sand & Sea    
Small - for lace & sock knitters - up to US 5 Needles ($18)
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  Traditionals $26 (to size 10.5) & Just Rings $20 (to Sz 10.5)    
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  Just Rings - Sterling Silver        
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