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Atenti Designs Doctors Knitting Bag


Atenti Designs Doctor Knitting  Bag

The Atenti Doctors bag shows off a fully lined water resistant taffeta interior. Inside are a zippered pocket and an open divided pocket with a cell phone slot.
Double 22 straps.
Bag Dimensions are: 19.00"W x 10.00"H x 5.00"D


With a lovely leather strap, contrast interior details and an oh so sexy shape that will fit even your longest needles, the Atenti Doctors Knitting Bag is a perfect combination of knitting style, form and function. Small details like jeweled button accents, contrast rope trip and lovely worksmanship make these made-in-the-USA irresistible.

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Dimension: 19.00"W x 10.00"H x 5.00"D
Double 22” straps

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