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Artyarns Beaded Silk and Sequins Light Yarn in H4 Silver


Beaded Silk and Sequins Light in H4 Silver Artyarns



We call this fabulous color scarab - it reminds us of the luminescent shell on the japanes beetle, but we can't call it japanese beetle because we hate them -they eat all our tomatoes! So Scarab it is, named after the oft-imitated jewelry version of this beautiful tho horrid creature. Shiny, changing color as they move -this yarn does they same -providing delight at any angle. You will LOVE it.


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100% Silk with Beads & Sequins
50 grams 100 meters/110 yards
GAUGE: 4.5 Stitches per inch on #7
Free Artyarns Pattern book with 7 patterns for this yarn via PDF download after checkout.

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924G Straw


2308s Mint

  2273S   318S   H5S   908s   252S  

916S OMG Purple

Silver Beads & Sequins            
  302s   H1s   272s   298s   246s            
  H7S   H23S   H2S   239S   H21S            
  H16S   H15S   250S   H18S   H4S            
  271S   281S   316S   177S   1004S            
  H17S   313S   H11S   H26S   H13S            
  H3S   264S                        
Gold Beads & Sequins
  H2g   222g   250G   H8G   H20G            
  H12G   H5G   H22G   246G   H10G            
  H14G   H24G   H25G   H19G   H6G            
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