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Alpaca Yarn Bumps

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Note: It takes an entire animals shearing to make one bump, so these are really unique. 100% Alpaca with a very, very small cotton core. Currently available only in WARM BROWN, a rich dark chocolate as shown, we'll soon have more beautiful solids and blends!

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These are 100% Alpaca bumps, with a small cotton core. Approx 95 Yards per bump.


FIBER: 100% Alpaca, core spun, Cotton core

LENGTH: 95 Yards (approx)

GAUGE: Single Ply, Super Bulky

NEEDLE SIZE: 1 Stitch per inch on US50/25mm Needles

SOURCE: American Alpaca

CARE: Handwash/Air Dry

Bumps Pattern Book
Bumps Pattern Book
Bumps Pattern Book

Free with your purchase, each of these fabulous blanket patterns uses 2 Bumps, and size US50 Needles, 24" or longer. We recommend: BASIX JUMBO by Knitters Pride