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Malabrigo Merino Wool Yarn in Worsted Weight Solids

  100% Merino Wool Yarn from Malabrigo Yarns of Uruguay

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100% merino wool, Kettle and fleece dyed solids/Kettle Dyed Multis
Worsted Weight; 4.5 sts per inch US 8
3.5 oz - 210 yds
Care: Hand wash in cool water with mild soap, lay flat to dry

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Kettle Dyed Solids (Tonal Variations)
    malabrigo yarn   malabrigo merino apple green       malabrigo merino yarn      
  004 Sapphire Green   007
  011 Apple Green   017 Pink Frost   022
  024 Vermillion   28
Blue Surf
  032 Jewel Blue   035
Frank Ochre
  044 Geranio   050
  051 VAA   56
      malabrigo wool yarn   malabrigo natural merino wool       malabrigo yarn    
  061 Butter   62
  063 Natural   073 UVA   083 Water Green   088
  malabrigo yarn       malabrigo yarn     malabrigo   malabrigo merino wool    
  094 Bergamota
  96 Sunset   097 Cuarzo   098
  099 Stone Blue  

Damask Rose

  135 Emerald    
      malabrigo yarn                    
  148 Holllyhock   149 Apple Cinnamon   184
Fleece Dyed Pure Solids    
  501 Cabernet   502 American Beauty  


  504 Rattan
  505 Moss   509 Sweet Grape   Praline 511    
Colors we carry but are currently out of stock (These are on order)    
    malabrigo merino sealing wax     malabrigo merino coco   malabrigo          
  037 Lettuce   102 Sealing wax  


  624 Coco  

Ravelry Red

Pearl Ten
        malabrio yarn   malabrigo yarn            
  Tiger Lily   117 Verdes
Rich Choc
  195 Black   193 Jacinto            

Malabrigo Book 7 Rasta In Brooklyn $19.95 Malabrigo Book 6 CABO:
Malabrigo Book 6 CABO:



Malabrigo Patterns
Book 1 $18.95
Malabrigo Patterns
Book 2 $11.95
Malabrigo Patterns
Book 3 $19.50

Malabrigo Yarn Knitting Book


Malabrigo Yarn Knitting Book


Malabrigo Yarn Knitting Book

Breean E Miller, Julie Weisenberg,
Kristen Rengren, Mercedes T Clark,
Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter, Stephen West.
Malabrigo Patterns
Book 4 $19.95

malabrigo Book 4

Featuring 18 patterns created by 11 brave both well known and upcoming designers. Featuring most malabrigo yarns including ,Arroyo,Sock,Rios, Silky, Rasta,Worsted, Lace and Twist.


Malabrigo Yarn makes stunningly soft fleece and kettle dyed 100% Merino Wool Yarn. The colors shown at right and above are both Kettle and Fleece dyed. Fleece dyed are dyed, as the name implies, prior to spinning - completely soft, even color throughout, lustrous sheen - this is an elegant merino at a great price. Kettle Dyed Colors are hand dyed in a gettle, and have slight natural tonal variation within the skein. Wonderful for scarves, hats, sweaters, and even for felting. You've got to touch this amazingly soft yarn to believe it! For something a little wilder, please check out our variegated dyed merino wool yarn colors - changing hues and tone throught the merino: same soft, beautiful yarn, but in variegated color combos!
What is merino wool yarn?
Merino wool yarn is a yarn spun from the fleece of a very specific sheep - the merino. The Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool. Merinos are regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any sheep.

Merino wool is finely crimped and soft. Staples are commonly 65 mm (2.5 inches) to 100 mm (4 inches) long. Merino wool is generally less than 24 micron (µm) in diameter. Basic Merino types include: strong (broad) wool 23 - 24.5 µm, medium wool is 19.6 - 22.9 µm, fine 18.6 - 19.5 µm, superfine 15 - 18.5 µm and ultra fine 11.5 - 15 µm.[3] Ultra fine wool is suitable for blending with other fibres such as silk and cashmere.

The term merino is widely used in the textile industries with varied meanings. Originally it denoted the wool of Merino sheep reared in Spain, but due to the equivalent quality of wool spun from merino in many other countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay and Peru, the term Merino woolnow has broader use. In the dress-goods and knitting trades the term "Merino" means an article containing Merino wool.



Malabrigos' Gruesa Thick and Thin Wool Yarn
  Malabrigo Yarns kettle dyed and handpainted yarns are made by a small, family-owned company in Uruguay. They work with a womans cooperative to create wonderfully organic looking, funky and beautiful yarns. This is one of our favorites: Gruesa - a thick and thin super-bulky yarn in amazing colors. Great for knitting up a fast hat or a great, fun, bulky sweater, this yarn is also a great felting yarn.

Malabrigos' Merino Wool Yarn
100% Merino Wool Yarn



  Malabrigo Yarns amazing merino wool will delight your eyes AND your hands. Gorgeous, amazingly soft merino wool, in a variety of stunning colorcombos. Lovely Greens, blues, browns and purples, this is a wonderful and very well-priced pure merino wool.

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