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Blue Sky Alpaca Yarn Bulky Dyed Alpaca and Wool Yarn
50% Alpaca and 50% Wool bulky wool yarn

blue sky alpacas bulky wool yarn
  Blue Sky Alpacas are known their fabulous colors, fantastic patterns, and unique fiber combinations - with a focus on alpaca. Blue Sky Bulky is no exception - Gorgeous colors, and a wonderful, true bulky weight yarn in an alpaca wool yarn blend that is ultra soft, knits up fast, and is a great quality yarn. Ultra soft, thanks to that lovely alpaca fiber, and extra lustre, from the wool, and it's unusual unplied twist. - almost roving in a way it knits up fast and is totally fun for any project - check out our their patterns - great for beginning to advanced knitters. Like a more natural color range? Check out the Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Naturals - undyed versions of this yarn - in classic colors like Fawn and Grey Wolf.

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50% Alpaca/50% Wool
100 grams Approx: 45 yards
Needle Size: 15 US / 10 mm
Gauge: 2 sts per inch


Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca Wool Patterns
Autumn Vest
Bobbi Bear
Bulky Baby Hat
Faux Fair Isle Set
Compass Cowl
Fitted Jacket
Girls Smocked Coat
Jackie jacket
Knit Quilt
Trellis Scarf


Bulky Solids   Bulky Naturals    
1226 Marine   1225 Shine   1224 Sunglo   1223 Coyote   1218 New
        blue sky alpaca wool in curry          
1219 New
  1220 New
  1222 New
Polar Bear

1006 Brown Bear

  1007 Gray
blue sky alpacas bulky alpaca in grasshopper   Blue Sky Alpacas in Cayenne   Blue Sky Alpacas in Claret   Blue Sky Alpacas in PLUTO                  


Blue Sky Alpacas in Jasmine   Blue Sky Alpacas in FROST   Blue Sky Alpacas yarn in blossom                        
  Blue Sky Alpacas Knitting Pattern fair isle set   Blue Sky Alpacas Knitting Pattern for Fitted Jacket   Mac and Me Fur Pom Pom Hat for Blue Sky Alpacas bulky wool   Mac and Me knitting pattern for Evening Cardigan in Mohair    
  Blue Sky Bulky Fair Isle Set   Blue Sky Alpacas Fitted Jacket   Mac & Me Furry Pom Pom Hat!   Mac & Me Fur hat and Mittens    
  Baby Hat Pattern   Flower Pillow Knitting Pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas     Blue Sky Patterns for bulky wool yarn    
  Bulky Easy Baby Hat   Flower Pillow   Bobbi Bear   Girls Smocked Coat    
  blue sky knit quilt pattern                
  Knitted Quilt                





Blue Sky Alpacas are part of our great collection of Blue Sky Yarns

Blue Sky Alpacas yarn is the company that convinced me to finally take the brick and mortar leap: open a store. Pushed me over the edge. And these yarns will do it to you, too. Blue sky alpacas have been on our wish list for some time - it began with making childrens sweaters, but this yarn couldn't stay in our hands long enough - everyone always wanted to know WHAT it was, WHERE it came from, WHAT it was made out of. And like true fiber addicts, we love to share yarns like these - spread the word! With luscious, amazing colors, and incredible fiber blends, anything you make in Blue Sky, whether it's their cotton, their alpaca/silk blend, or their gorgeous, bulky 50% alpaca/50% wool blend. Make sure you join our knitlist, we'll be doing a sample send out, and you'll want to get in on it soyou can spend all your hard earned money on this incredible yarn.



Blue Sky Cotton
100% organically grown Cotton
Blue Sky Organic Cotton
100% Color Grown Cotton
  Blue Sky Bulky Naturals
50% Alpaca/50% Wool
Blue Sky Patterns  
      Coming Soon!  
Wow. Check out the colors. If you came into the shop on one of our weekend knit-ins' you could check this gorgeous yarn out, and you'd leave with a bunch of it. But the reason I sell on the internet is so that you don't HAVE to come to my store - and you can still get this beautiful, bulky cotton and be in heaven, as I am. Check out our partner, fabsweaters kids, new line of sweaters in Blue Sky Cotton. Lovely.   Here at fab, we tend toward bulky and easy to knit. That's hard to find it cotton, but Blue Sky has done it again. This stunning bulky weight organic cotton is scrumptious. Baby Blankets, Summer Sweaters, Winter Cowl Necks, what doesn't work with a good, solid cotton. In a great array of colors, too. But for some of us, organically grown has that special appeal.   It was hard to pay attention to the non-glamourous colors in this yarn - the hand-dyes are so stunning, that you can overlook au natural. But then I ordered some for pattern testing. Oh my goodness. Gorgeous. Every one of the naturals has a special lustre, a touch of heather, a depth and such a wonderful, natural hand that it begs to be touched. These are now my favorite. Want to see a beautiful sweater in this yarn? Check out Baa Baa, fabsweaters new childrens sweater line featuring blue sky alpacas yarns.      
Blue Sky Bulky Hand Dyes
50% Alpaca/50% Wool
Kettle dyed for beautiful colors
  Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk
50% Alpaca/50% Silk
I had someone making up sweaters for me in this yarn. She knit on the train going into work in the morning. If you've taken NJ Transit into NY, then you know the drill - grumpy, crowded, self-involved. But this yarn changed all that. Everyone stopped to talk to her: what was she making, where did she get that beautiful yarn - Alpaca? Wasn't that a sheep. It was when the Conductor picked up the baby sweater she was working on and paraded it up and down the isle that she knew it was really something else. I knew from the beginning. This yarn is GORGEOUS.   I have seen an awful lot of alpaca/silk blends in my day - some of them were quite nice. This is way beyond nice. It is the perfect alpaca and silk yarn. Just enough fuzz (hardly any), a glimmer, a twinkle of silk, the lightness and airy-ness of alpaca, and you have the perfect match. Practical, too. I could go on and on about the qualities of alpaca - warmth, lightness, hollow core, etc. But this yarn is just beautiful enough to buy without the added bonuses. Hmm. Baby Blankets, YES, booties YES Gorgeous Shawls YES.          


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