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Alchemy Silken Straw Ribbon Yarn

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2021 Note: Sadly Alchemy is not shipping so we are out of stock on this yarn until further notice.

We absolutely adore Alchemy's handpainted ribbon yarn - it's very hard to come by ribbon yarn (well done, that is) so we were thrilled to find Alchemy's Silken Straw. This Incredibly crisp yet silky soft hand-dyed ribbon yarn is stunning. Combine it with their very funky Rustico to create magic scarves, shawls and wraps that will make you gasp with their beauty. Amazing tones and lightplay on these lovely color - we don't know how they do it, but we're glad they do!


Alchemy Silken Straw
Alchemy Silken Straw

Beautifully hand painted silk ribbon from Alchemy.

FIBER: 100% Silk Ribbon

LENGTH: 236 Yards/40 Grams

GAUGE: KNIT | 6 St = 1" on US 4

SOURCE: HAND-DYED by Alchemy from imported silk

CARE: Gentle Handwash in Cool water. Lay flat to dry.