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Lantern Moon Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set in Ebony or Rosewood

Lantern Moon Interchangeable Needle Set    





$268 after fab discounts (Reg $336) - Ebony (Teal/Blue Case)

$235 after fab discounts (Reg $294) - Rosewood
(Lavender/Iris Case)
after discounts

Amazing - that's all you can see about this elegant and well-crafted set of interchangeable knitting needles. From the smooth finished joins, to the Lantern Moon Finish - the range of sizes in both tips and cables gives you flexibility without moving to metal or bamboo - stay with your favorite Lantern Moon Needles, but enjoy the flexibility of interchangeable cables and tips.

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Ebony or rosewood needles with detachable brass connections in a silk zip compact case.
Needle tips: 10 tips Sizes 4 -13
Cord Lengths: 4 cords; 17, 26, 32 & 40
12.75"h x 11.5"w open (5.75" wide closed)

Ebony tips in the Turquoise Kit!

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