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Lantern Moon Crochet Needles - Rosewood and Ebony Crochet Hooks

Lantern Moon Crochet Hooks

Lantern Moon's exquisitely handcrafted crochet hooks.

Need a gorgeous and super functional case for your needles? Look no further Della Q silk knitting needle cases, for both straight and circulars, including the QUE circular needle case....

 Gorgeous Ebony and Rosewood Crochet hooks - shown at left, the ebony are a warm reddish grained color, while the ebony crochet hooks are dark and tend towards a more solid tone. All of them are very individual, and the color and patina will vary considerable. Let us know in the comments area what type of coloring you prefer - dark, light, solid, and we'll try and match it!
Ebony Crochet Hooks
3.25mm/D $15.80
3.50mm/E $15.80
3.75mm/F $15.80
4.00mm/G $15.80
5.00mm/H $16.90
5.50mm/I $16.90
6.00mm/J $16.90
6.50mm/K $16.90
8.00mm/L $20.00
9.00mm/M $20.00
10.00mm/N $20.00

Rosewood Crochet Hooks
3.25mm/D- Add $14.90
3.50mm/E- Add $14.90
3.75mm/F- Add $14.90
4.00mm/G- Add $14.90
5.00mm/H- Add $15.80
5.50mm/- Add $15.80
6.00mm/J- Add $15.80
6.50mm/K- Add $15.80
8.00mm/L- Add $19.20
9.00mm/M- Add $19.20
10.00mm/N- Add $19.20