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Moving Mud Shawl Pins
Hand Blown Glass Shawl Pins in Small

Large (2.75-3.5")| Medium (2-2.75")| Small (1.5-2")  

Wow - who knew you needed shawl pins? But now we do know, and we know just the shawl pins you need - to get for yourself or to give as a gift. Shawls have been the rage, well, for centuries - but they are raging especially hard right now! And these are the perfect finishing touch. Moving Mud's hand blown glass works of art are one of kind perfect for any lovingly made knitting project.

Gorgeous hand-blown glass shawl pins from the artisans at Moving Mud.
Please note that we are sold out on most of the shawl pins - only the top row are currently available. If you would like to special order any of the other colors, please order the one you are after and we'll commission it. Our new order is on the way, so do check back for more styles in late July!

Small ($16)

  shawl pin   shawl pin   shawl pin   shawl pin

011 Strawberry


012 Black and white


013 Gold Leaf

  014 Ju d'Orange
  shawl pin   shawl pin   shawl pin   shawl pin
  015 Gold Monet  

016 Olive Leopard

  017 Hot Fudge  

o18 Jade

  uniqe knitting gift     uniqe knitting gift   uniqe knitting gift

019 Green Glass


020 Amber Monet


021 Gold Leopard


022 Blue Monet


023 Caribe



024 Cherry Glitter


025 Red Swirl


026 Bronze Ribbon