Welcome to May! Daily Deal 5 – 1 – 2015

If you aren’t on our Daily Deal List, perhaps now is the time to sign up! You’ll get first dibs on our deals whenever they come out – here’s the link to sign up – and to entice you – here’s todays deal – it’s not to late! If you sign up today, we’ll make sure you get in on this weekend deal! http://www.fabulousyarn.com/join-dailydeal.shtml150_0011_h19246s 150_0012_Background 150_0008_h10h10g 150_0009_h19h6s 150_0010_group 150_0005_h12h12g 150_0006_924924g 150_0007_h10h10g 150_0003_1027h13s 150_0004_h27271s 150_0001_H25h7s 150_0002_Layer 13 150_0000_grouplandscape




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