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Tosh Silk in Gorgeous Big Sur

I am not and probably will never be, a lace knitter. I can’t seem to follow patterns, and even worse, when I do, I invert numbers and stitches so the whole thing tends to...


My new year’s resolution shawl

I’ve been knitting several years but have always stuck to easy no pattern projects. My resolution this year is to break myself of that habit. I will knit lace, I will use a pattern,...


Madeline tosh silk lace

  Nothing calls like the siren song of silk lace. Never mind that I have never successfully knitted a lace project  – this yarn is just so luscious that you have to have it in...


Estonia! Welcome! The web can be so cool….

Someone is on FAB right now from ESTONIA! Maybe they haven’t seen the book :)? Sometimes we forget that it’s a real, real place! Knitted Lace of Estonia