Malabrigo Caracol – Customer Project!

We LOVE hearing from our customers, especially when they are delighted with their purchases, and share photos of what they have created with yarn they ordered from us!
Cindy Jones - Caracol - IMG_3788

Cindy Jones contacted us to let us know that she was knitting lots of cowls for her family and friends!

Cindy Jones - Caracol - IMG_3980

All these beauties were made with Malabrigo Caracol.

Cindy Jones - Caracol - IMG_4577

Aren’t they gorgeous!?!

Cindy Jones - Caracol - IMG_5006 (1)

Cindy doesn’t have a pattern, but it looks like she cast on around 20 stitches, then knit in rows until almost all the yarn was used up, before binding off.

Cindy Jones - Caracol - IMG_5010

As the yarn is so gorgeously soft and bulky, she probably didn’t have to work buttonholes, but just poke the buttons through the knitting, to secure snuggly, around the neck!

Cindy Jones - Caracol - mimi

What a wonderful gift to receive!! Thank you so much for sharing these with us, Cindy!

We have so many gorgeous colours of Malabrigo Caracol available – which would you choose?

My current favourites include:





and English Rose

English Rose

Sooooooo very beautiful!!




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