Project with Blue Sky Organic Cotton

Hi kids,
I’ve been using for years, mostly ordering the Blue Sky Organic Cotton (#80 Bone) for throws.  I use your site because of the great customer service and the genuine dedication to customers/knitters that is obvious through your site, what it offers, the commitment your site makes and keeps to knitters, and most importantly, the capacity to change and offer new ideas and yarns without gunking up the site, which many other sites do, BADLY.
I can’t seem to get away from this throw pattern.  Using the organic cotton allows people to wrap themselves up in it winter, fall, spring AND summer nights because the cotton is light, so soft, and doesn’t weight down on you while sleeping/reading/or watching TV to figure out why Snookie doesn’t have a steady boyfriend on Jersey Shore (ok, ok, I DID watch it just that once, but I was drinking so that’s my excuse).  I am DEEPLY suspicious of people who make throws or blankets with acrylic blends, there, I said it.  Sweaty, pilly, ewwwww. That’s just my opinion.
Every time I finish one of these throws, there’s three other people calling to ask me to make them one.  And with the awesome yarn discounts, the more I order from Fabulous Yarn, the cheaper it is AND free shipping. I make these to order, sometimes adding squares to make a twin or double blanket, or decrease the squares, for a simple throw.  I also add fringe sometimes.
Also, with the Blue Sky organic cotton, although it says to hand wash, I throw it in on “delicate” and air/tumble dry.  It comes out beautiful and actually gets softer.

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