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Highlights Series (H Series Colorways)    
H38 Fleur   H37 Bashful Pink   H36 Lovely Lilacs   H35 Wild Blue Yonder   H34 Paradise   H33 Rushes   H32 Go Green!   H31 Lilac Parfait   H30 Tutti Fruitti!   H29    
H28 Citronella   H27 Cake   H26 Tahiti   H25 Hot Orange Pk   H24 Wild Berries   H23 Emerald   H22 Vertes   H21 Inky Blues   H20 Dune        
H19 Charcoal Browns   H18 Grey Tonal   H17 Emerald Purples   H16 Winter Bouquet   H15 Straw. Parfait   H14 Cloudy   H13 Emerald City   H12 Antique Ivories   H11 Black Cherry        
H10 Antique Rose   H9 Forest Greens   H8 Gold   H7 Heart   H6 Burnt Oranges   H5 Violettas   H4 Scarab   H3 Sargasso Sea   H2 Lime   H1 Hot Pinks    
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500 Painters Floral & 1000/2000/3000 Tonal/Multis Series
501 Bonnard   502 Parrish   503 Hockney   504 Olana   505 O'Keefe   506 Wyeth   507 Van Gogh   508 Monet            
512 Moore   514 Degas   516 Koons   1028 West   1030 Klimt   1031 Frida   1032 Du Champ                
2234 Pale Jade   2334 Miles   2300 Cranberry Royale   3324 Jade Princess   2285 Wild Fern                        
900 Stonewash Series Colors                    
901 Brilliant Turquoiwse   902
  903 Dusk   904 Mood RIng   905 Jolly Rancher   906 Elizabeth   907 Teal Berry Splash   908 Dennim Splash   909 Cherry Wash   910 Hot Cherry Splash    
912 Dark Cherry   913
  914 Citiscape   915 Cherry Splash   916 Plum   917
  918 Stonewash Emerald   919 Adobe   920 New Leaf   921 Teal Watercolor    
923 Lady Gaga   924 Gold Tonal