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Who said knitting had to be hard to be fulfilling? Knitting books for everyone, but mostly for the knitting challenged. These books are, one and all, easy to follow, easy to use, and fun to look through. All have easy thru challenging patterns, but all use simple english to guide you. Plus some great knitting reference books.


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A great book for beginning knitters
Knitting for baby

  I picked this book up over the weekend on one of my many 'oh, I don't really need to get anything' trips, and it's worth every flinch of guilt I had buying it.

I was looking for an easy, luscious blanket pattern - and this book has so many, the hardest part will be picking one.

Best of all, her instructions are easy to read an follow! This is only natural: she wrote the book Kids Knitting - the book that encouraged me to pick up the needles after a 20 year hiatus.

Help Kids Learn to Knit!

  Is there a child in your life who keeps stealing your needles, unraveling your yarn, and pestering you to 'teach her how to knit'? This is the book for you -- it's written for the 5-12 year old, is really easy to follow, the projects are fun, and the colors are great. When I forgot how to knit, after years of being knitless, this book helped me learn again. A great gift!

An A-Z Reference
Vogue Reference

This is the knitting bible: the book I go to when I just can't remember even a basic stitch – and those are the ones that noone explains. I bought this 5 years ago and it's always the one I go back to the shelf for. An incredible reference.


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