DAILY DEAL | 4-3-2017 Jade sapphire 8 ply cashmere

Daily Deal - Jade Sapphire 8 Ply Cashmere Yarn

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Stunning - 8 Plies of fabulous, hand-dyed cashmere that is just the BOMB! This is fabulously squooshy, and pretty flexible as far as needles size - wonderful for up close to the neck cowls, or really, really lovely wraparound shawls. I'm not sayin' a sweater wouldnt be awesome! OMG!

Wild oats



Paleo Purples

100% Hand Dyed 8 Ply 
Mongolian Cashmere Yarn
Approx: 100 Yards 
Weight: 55 Grams
Needle Size: 9-10
Gauge: 3.5-4 St inch (Bulky)