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Be Sweet - Hand Dyed, Hand SpunYarn with a conscience

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. 

Be Sweet is a small, California based company that has founded and based it's business upon the principles that have brought a new administration to the white house. Whatever your politics, you cannot argue with a socially and environmentally sound business that empowers people in third world countries, helps them build skills, frame a new life with a new livelihood, and at the same time, brings delightful and magical yarns to our needles. From Mohair to Bamboo (coming this summer), the colors are amazing, the quality just far beyond the machine made versions of these yarns, and every skein is truly a work of art, from the beautiful non-scratchy mohair boucle in both large and fine variants, to the wonderful magic ball, that hardly needs a pattern to make you knit like a genius.

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  Be Sweet Bamboo Yarn   Be Sweet Bambino Cotton and Bamboo Yarn   Be Sweet Bambino Cotton and African Bead Ball

Bamboo Yarn from
Be Sweet 100% Handspun
$10 (Discountable)

  Bambino Yarn
70/30 Organically grown Cotton/Bamboo
10$ (Discountable)
  African Bead Ball
Mohair boucle with hand tied glass beads & Glitter Strand
32$ (Discountable)
  Be Sweet Magic Ball   be sweet slubby yarn   be sweet sari silk yarn
  Be Sweet Magic Ball Yarn
30$ (Discountable)
  Be Sweet Slubby Mohair
$20 (Discountable)
  Sari Silk Nubby Handspun
  be sweet extra fine boucle   be sweet regular boucle   be sweet ribbon yarn
  Be Sweet Extra Fine Mohair Boucle Yarn $12 Discountable   Be Sweet Mohair Boucle

Be Sweet Ribbon
$32 Discountable


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