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Artyarns Colorway H13 Emerald City

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  H7 Heart Colorway from artyarns
H13 Emerald City
Amazing emerald greens and aquas. Non-Pooling.

Fantastic handpainted Artyarns beautiful Kid Mohair and Silk Yarn is a delicate and delicious lightweight Mohair and silk Blend yarn that only Artyarns can produce. The mohair is, of course, its' beautiful light and airy self, but combined with the lustre and strength of silk, it becomes a different animal altogether. Gorgeous, not scratchy as pure mohair yarn, or mohair yarn blends can be, this is a wonderful yarn. And of course, it's handpainted by Artyarns - need we say more?
handpainted and imported by Artyarns

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Color: H13 Emerald City

When I saw this color, all I could think of was the sparkling horses that change color in the wizard of OZ? Remember them - their best range was the greens - and here they are. It wasn't called the Emerald City for nothing!

From the left:

Silk Mohair Artyarns wonderful mohair and Silk blend, we find it softer then kidsilk haze - probably because of the higher percentage of mohair, and a different type, so it is a tad less scratchy.

Silk Pearl Artyarns incredible chainstitch plied silk with a lustrous pebbly texture that has a crisp and Linen-Like finish

Ensemble Silk and Cashmere Two plies, one of lustrous silk, the other of 1 ply cashmere. A Silk Rhapsody type yarn, but minus the mohair.