fabulousyarn | pussy hat project kit - BULKY magenta (Cascade magnum)

fabulousyarn | pussy hat project kit - chunky magenta (Cascade magnum)

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The Bulky Magenta Pussy hat kit features Cascade yarns fabulous MAGNUM yarn, in their bright pink MAGENTA. This is the kit I recommend to beginners - it is the easiest to knit with, and it knits up fast. So, you impatient knitters out there - this or the Bulky Hot Punk Pink Kit is the one to go for! It's a single ply, and it's very well behaved. If you're a beginner - think about adding winding on as you check out. It lets you get started - faster!

Worsted Fuscia (Malabrigo - Orig Project Color & Yarn)

Fuschia Chunky (Malabrigo Fuscia)

Chunky Cherry (Malabrigo Geranio)

Chunky Pink (Malabrigo Shocking Pink)

Worsted Pink (Malabrigo Strawberry Fields)

Cashmere Pink Panther (Jade Sapphire 8 Ply)

Bulky Hot Punk Pink (Crazy Sexy Wool)

Bulky Magenta (Cascade Magnum)


Every kit above is made with particular yarns and appropriate needles - the total price is shown in the dropdown above! Pick your fiber and your're done!