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     Baby Alpaca Brushed
     Oakmont Merino
     Wool Bulky Yarn
     Dragon Mohair Bulky
     Wool Boucle Yarn
     Geisha Fake Fur Yarn

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     Lion Boucle SALE $3.99
Lion BIG ON SALE 6.50
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Ordering & Shipping Info

Returns | Exchanges | Credits | Special Orders

Shipping Information Orders at fab usually ship within 1-3 days. We try our very best to get the orders out within 48 hours. If you have ordered and do not hear from us receive an email or a shipping note within that timeframe, please contact us using live chat or email - we may have missed something or there may be something wrong with the email associated with your order - emails get blocked for a number of reasons, so don't hesitate to contact us again. Please include order info such as number, name and date.
If you need faster shipping and delivery, please choose the expedited or express delivery options.

We do our very best to get your order to you fast - sometimes that requires partial shipping of orders - we will attempt to contact you prior to partial shipping.

Shipping Charges Shipping charges come directly form the Postal Service into our system. We DO NOT MARK THEM UP. We offer a flat rate for most items, and over a certain amount shipping is free. Free shipping and the flat rate means that your order may ship priority, first class, or, depending upon weight, it may go parcel post. If it MUST be priority, please choose the PRIORITY shipping method. This guarantees 2/3 days SHIPPING time - If you are are overseas we offer two types of shipping.

  • International Priority: this includes insurance,which allows us to replace lost/missing shipments.
  • International Express (EMS) is the fastest and offers both tracking and replacement insurance. Replacement or refund if this does not get to you.

WE DO NOT MARK UP OUR SHIPPING COSTS. The best way to figure out how much you will be charged is to put something in your cart, put in your zip code (or for overseas customers, a country or regional code) and click the 'calculate shipping charges' button. If you have any questions, please do click the connect button at the top of the page and ask us, or shoot us an email.

  • We have an online payment system. When you place your order, it enters our system and your purchased is processed. We review orders within 24 hours. If there is ANY issue, from matched lots to missing information, you'll get an email from us. If you don't, it usually means that within a day or so you'll get a shipping notification. Happiness.
  • Our goal is to ship orders within 1 - 3 days. We usually make that goal - except during christmas rushes!
  • We use a dedicated ticketing and email system to keep on top of letting you know whats going on.
  • Our system alerts us to express mail shipments, so we usually process those on the same day they are received, depending upon the TIME and TIME ZONE. Please don't hesitate to call us with a timeframe or any details that will help us, or to check if your order has been pulled - it's perfectly fine!

Why your order may be delayed or partially shipped (backordered) There are two reasons for these things to happen:
1 - We're out! We order all the time, so more is most likely on the way - sometimes this means a shipping delay of a few days, sometimes it doesn't. If it's going to make your order ship outside of our 1-3 day window, we'll let you know. You always have the option to cancel and receive a credit.

2 - lot/skein matching. More frequently, we don't have a matched lot of skeins for your order. Since almost all of our yarns are hand dyed, hand painted and hand spun, this does happen - especially with the more exotic yarns. If it does, we'll email you and give you some options. It may say that we have 12 on the site, but in fact, we may have 12 from six different color lots. You ALWAYS have the option of cancelling your order if it cannot be shipped within your desired time frame!

Errors, Returns, refunds,
exchanges credits, etc:

Errors: If we have made an error in your order, we will cover return shipping costs, replacement costs, etc. We generally ship you your correct replacement item first, including the label in the new shipment.

There is a 5% restocking fee on ALL RETURNED ITEMS.

Returns Items may be returned for credit. Please send your return to:

117 Barrytown Road
Red Hook, ny 12507
*****Please do not leave this off it's very important to insure your return/exchange is processed promptly!

Returns take 3-6 weeks to be processed from the time of receipt.

Exchanges We do not process exchanges except in case of errors or gift items. Please simply buy what you want, and return the unwanted item in saleable condition for credit.
There is a 5% restocking fee on ALL RETURNED ITEMS.

Credits Any in stock item may be returned for a refund as long as it comes back to us within 30 days and is in saleable condition. Items returned after 30 days will be accepted for store credit only.

Special Orders We are happy to special order fibers and colors from any of our partner vendors. Most pages have special order selections in the drop downs, and then entry areas on page where you may enter your special order information (usually color number). We will add a special order processing fee because of the extra time and expense required to special order handpainted, handspun or specialty yarns.

Special order items may not be returned without prior agreement - email us and we'll discuss the situation. All returns are subject to a 10% restock fee (unless we've made an error). After 30 days, returns will be issued a store credit.

Handpainted Yarns Handpainted yarns are a special breed - and we treat every order with hand-picked care. These are not mass produced yarns, so some extra handling procedures do apply:

How long we wait Normally, when we are under 10 skeins of ANY colorway, another order is already in progress, and so there usually will be no more than 2-3 days delay. We stress USUALLY here - sometimes the yarn arrives within 3 days of ordering, sometimes 2 weeks. We will keep you abreast if it takes longer than a few days.

Backorders If we do backorder, we will let you know, and we pay for the shipping on the remainder.

WE WANT YOU TO HAVE YOUR YARN. That's the point.

People assume that because you are on the web, you are a huge, multinational, completely automated company.We're not. WE DO THE BEST WE CAN, but things do occur in the natural course of events and even we make mistakes or can miss one of our own deadlines. We do our best to make it up to you if it does happen - but we do our best to keep our promises.

Delays Normally, we can get your yarn and ship it within 4-10 days depending upon the quantity and type. If we do run into a delay, which does happen (many of our yarns are handpainted, luxury yarns, and so they cannot always be whipped up overnight!), we will let you know and make every attempt to offer you alternatives. Delayed orders are automatically bumped up to PRIORITY shipping.

How we ship We don't believe in giving the shipping companies any of your or our hard earned knitting money! After all, we want you to spend your money on YARN, not SHIPPING! We ship fastest/cheapest.

Your yarn is packaged in plastic, protective bags and shipped one of the following ways:

Tyvek Envelope. This is lightest and cheapest, and enables us to offer first class mail service, which is often just as fast as priority. Yarn survives very well in this package, and you get to keep more of your knitting dollars.

Priority Envelope/Box. We use one of the post offices official packages. When it will not incur extra charges, we use the box. If we can save you money by shipping in the envelope, we will. Both protect your yarn.

Gift Box/Package. If you've ordered our wonderful gift baskets, these ship in double core boxes purchased especially for their size and strength. Due to their overly large size, and weight. The cart will calculate the cheapest rate available based on your delivery requirements and the destination.

If you have a special shipping request, please let us know, and we will do our best to accomodate you.

As always, please let us know if we can help you in any way: Contact Fab or use the button at the top of the page!

Thank You for shopping FAB.


Xmas Update!

If you are ordering for XMAS:
Priority Shipping ends on the 19th
Express shipping for Xmas Delivery ends at 3pm on December 23rd!

We recommend Express Shipping after Monday the 16th to ensure Xmas Delivery!

And of course - there's always our
Electronic Instant Gift Certificate - which may be ordered until Christmas Morning and beyond.....


Have a question - read on!
Below are the top 20 Questions People ask us!

I don't like the color - can I send this order back and exchange it? We do not accept items for exchange except in the case of errors or gifts. Please just place an order for your new color, and return the original item for credit using our RETURN info on this page: RETURNS

May I return my order?
Yes, within 30 days we will simply credit your payment method for the returned items. After 30 days you will receive a store credit. Wound, opened, or special order items are not returnable. Please allow 6-8 weeks for retunr processing


My card was billed before you shipped me my order - why? Our system does not allow us to process an order without billing at the same time. If you do not agree with this, then please do not order with us - right now, we can't change this - though we are working on a system that will allow us to authorize an order and push the charge thru at the time of shipment.

How fast do you ship?

Fab ships within 1-3 business days - this varies from time to time, but we generally stick to this schedule as much as possible. If there is a probelm, you'll hear form us within 24 hours (usually). If you don't hear from us within 1-3 days - either with a question about your order, or a pulled and shipping notification, please do contact us!

Can I get it faster?

If you need it faster - please choose EXPRESS shipping!

Do you run out of yarn?
All the time! However, when we get down to 10 skeins, we have already reordered. What happens more frequently is that we do not have a matched LOT. We may have 10 skeins, but because of people buying one or two at a time, they may all be from different lots. In these cases, we'l contact you within 24 hours or so of your order and let you know that we are ordering a matched lot batch for you.

Will you backorder me?

In general, we ship whatever we have and backorder items that take longer than a day or so to come back into stock. If it's obviously all for one project, we generally hold the order - and we always let you know and offer you the option of partial shipments. We cover the backorder shipping charges.

I'm overseas, what about customs?

There is just no good answer to this - we offer first class international, priority and express shipping overseas. First class is a great deal, but there is NO GUARANTEE on how long it will take. We also cannot do not control the customs charges - we put the lowest value on your shipment that is LEGAL - we will not lie about the value of a package. We could get in big big trouble and not be allowed to ship overseas if we do.


Still have questions? Use the link at the top of any page to chat with us, or, if we're not online, send an email instantly!






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