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Artyarns Silk Mohair Glitter in 2206 Gold  

Daily Deal 7/28 - Artyarns Silk Mohair in 2206 Gold

$18 on sale (reg $22)

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods, but here, it's pouring, it's thundering, it's lightnining (is that a word?). Our fearless fox terrier is under the couch.

At left, our daily deal honors the weather - with Artyarns Silk Mohair Glitter, which absolutely reflects our skys right now. Hudson Valley Greys, blues and whites shot thru with sparkling Lightning flashes - 2206 Gold is our offering to the weather gods - and to you! We have 5 skeins

remember - no further discounts on this fab yarn!

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