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Custom Made Knitting Needles in Curly Mahogany with Ivory/Ebony tops & HandMade Mahogany and leather case

Lovely Artisan Knitting Needles are the ultimate in needle acquisition. We must have these.




I am not sure that you could actually classify this under 'needles'. They need superlatives that just don't come easy - work of art, one-of-a-kind (which they are), hand-turned, hand-finished.

These needles are made by a local artisan in his fine woodworking shop - his wife, a knitter, needed something fabulous, and needed it to be portable, and non-lose-able. He made her these.

And once we saw them, we knew the jig was up - he HAD to make more!

Made out of rare curly mahogany, topped with a smooth finial of Ivory and ebony, and nestled in a protective and beautiful case.

These needles are made to order. We have ONE in stock, a 10 " set of #7's.

Once you submit your order, we will contact you regarding length, needle size, and delivery date. Lucky You!















Need a gorgeous silk case for your needles? Look no further than this silk case by Della Q.