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Lantern Moon Rosewood Knitting Needles - Single Points


Gorgeous, beautifully grained single point rosewood knitting needles from Lantern Moon in 2 lengths (10 and 12 inch) and in sizes 4 -19. Lantern Moon is know for the finish on it's needles, and these are no exception. Lovely silk satin, warm to the touch, and just slippery enough.

Lantern Moon makes beautiful and functional handcrafted knitting needles, bags and accessories. Acknowledging and supporting the skills and cultures of the people who make them and inspired by the communities that use them. Lantern Moon supports socially and globally conscious living working directly with their producers to provide income, education and self-reliance to Vietnamese women and their families.

In 2004, Lantern Moon established an educational trust fund to benefit the children of these families. The natural materials that inspire their designs are combined with traditional handcrafting skills that have passed down from generation to generation in these families. Their knitting needles are crafted in a family owned and managed business that provides training and opportunities that contribute to the economic and social well being of the areas where they are produced.


Shop By Needle Length, in 10 & 12" Lengths, sizes 3 -19
Discounts apply to these needles. (please don't forget to check out our fab discount page!)

10" Length
All are $21 except for larger sizes
3 $21.00 out of stock
4 $21.00
5 $21.00
6 $21.00 out of stock
7 $21.00 out of stock
8 $21.00 out of stock
9 $21.00 out of stock
10 $21.00 out of stock
10.5 $21.00
11 $21.00 out of stock
13 $21.50
15 $22.00
17 $23.50
19 $26.00

Complete 10" Set, 1 pair each size:
Complete Set $346


12" Length
All are $21.50 except for larger sizes
3 $21.50 out of stock
4 $21.50
5 $21.50 out of stock
6 $21.50 out of stock
7 $21.50 out of stock
8 $21.50 out of stock
9 $21.50 out of stock
10 $21.50 out of stock
10.5 $21.50 out of stock
11 $21.50 out of stock
13 $22.00 out of stock
15 $23.00 out of stock
17 $24.50 out of stock
19 $28.50 out of stock

Complete 12" Set, 1 pair each size:Complete Set $356


Please note: Lantern moon is out of many sizes in both the rosewood and ebony needles in both sizes. We expect them in at the end of november. You may preorder the complete sets only - all other needles will be restocked as soon as we receive our next shipment.



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